Home As we know, the long distance relationships can be really difficult. Fortunately, these days we have a lot of advantages that they didn´t have before such as mobiles, skype and emails which we can communicate every day with.

If our couple is in other city, country or continent, to see or listen them is not the only thing that we miss, right? Everybody has their own desires and although the phone sex or skype sex is quite good, I would like to introduce you to one of the newest toys which will help to a lot of couples who unfortunately are not together all the time.

The LOVEPALZ is a sexual toy which offers virtual sex through mobile devices like the iPhone or Blackberry. The ideais to simulate inter course transmitting in real time what a persons doing on the muscle´s level with their sexual organs, so users can feel their sexual partners´ movements evenwhen they are thousands of miles away. The LoveloveplazPalz purchased separate lyand there is a model for man, named Zeus, and one for women called Hera. Zeus device simulates the texture of the female vagina through silicones and adaptable design.

For us , women, offers aphallic shapeand emulates all types of movement that makes there mote male user.

What are you waiting for enjoy your partners as if you are next to them?

By Matahhari

Text Matahhari property. -All rights reserved-

Fotos: LOVEPALZ (http://www.lovepalz.com)


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