Before, nobody knew what the “g” spot was about. However nowadays it looks like everybody is an expert about it. But, what happens with the other spots that we have?

Nobody has explained to us that we won´t only enjoy the “g” spot, but if we combine all our sexual spots together we could get continuous orgasms.

Whether you are a woman or man, i think that everyone knows the majority of these spots, although we haven´t known that they were discovered many years algo and they have their own names.

For women, the “g” spot is located a middle finger to the entrance of the vagina, it has the size of an almond and when you excite it, you can feel a kind of heat that is concentrated intensively in the area .

But there is much more. Just a little bit behind the “g” spot but at the same level, the “a” spot is hidden , which gives you extra lubrication and makes it easier to achieve multiple orgasms. Also we can´t forget that between the labia majora, near the clitoris, it is the “u” spot, which expands friction and provides that nice tingle.

Finally, the “k” spot that is located in a deep place, in the top of the vagina, and although it is not easy to explore, once it’s stimulated, it can take you to places you’ve never dreamed.

In the case of men as in women, the most known is the “g” spot, in the aprostate´ area, just beneath the bladder.

However, there are other alternatives for males to fully enjoy their sexuality during sex.

The “f” spot, is the frenulum and as almost everyone knows, just by stimulating this part greatly enhances the feeling of pleasure. Another important sexual point is the “o” spot, named because it is in the O-shaped space at the spine´s base(coccyx), this part is full of nerves that are connected to their penis. It should be noted that according to Tantric sex, to rub this part unleashes a man’s sexual energy.

The center line of the backside is the point “x”, as the folds where each gluteal meets the thigh , form an X. This is a very exciting point because includes the anus, perineum and testicles but without actually touching them, which can excite much more than touching these points directly.

Moreover, it´s the “8” spot, the 8 is drawn when we form a hoop stroking the penis´base and from there we form another hoop around his scrotum. And near this, we find the “r” spot, given because we are talking about stroking the Rafe, that thin skin seam running down the center of the scrotum which is full of nerve endings.

As you can see, both men and women are full of nerve endings that can lead to the greatest ecstasy of our lives, so now you only have to put it into practice.

By Matahhari

Text Matahhari property. -All rights reserved-


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